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TN Alliance for Drug Endangered Children

The vision of the Tennessee Alliance for Drug Endangered Children (TADEC) is that every child in Tennessee has the opportunity to experience a safe and healthy childhood free from the use of drugs and the effects of drug exposure. The Tennessee Alliance for Drug Endangered Children approach is comprehensive, focusing on the formation of community-based partnerships to engage professionals from multiple disciplines in developing a collaborative approach to rescue, defend, shelter, and support children living in drug environments. 

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What is a Drug Endangered Child? 

Drug endangered children are children from birth to 18 years of age who live in, are exposed to, or found in places where controlled substances are sold, manufactured, processed or used. Drug endangered children are at increased risk of injury or death, physical and sexual abuse and nutritional, educational, supervisory and emotional neglect. These children are also at risk of perpetuating the cycle of drug and child abuse.


They could be any child.

What does this program do?


The DEC program implements trauma-informed care trainings for schools and first responders or any other organization that works directly with youth. They also help connect children and families to support services and work closely with their coalitions in prevention efforts among youth in their community.

We believe that 100% of the children in our state can be helped and be able to live a drug-free, happy, healthy life. 

What does the DEC program do in Cheatham County?


The Drug Endangered Children Program partners with Cheatham County Juvenile Court and Probation services so youth who receive substance use related charges are given an educational and productive experience while serving court-issued community service hours. This program includes things such as e-courses about the science and dangers of underage substance use and going through steps of Moral Reconation Therapy (MRT). MRT for Juveniles is a cognitive-behavioral treatment system that leads to enhanced moral reasoning, better decision making, and more appropriate behavior.



About Timbi

This book covers a variety of issues that children with a parent struggling with addiction face. Through the eyes of Timbi, children's emotions are validated by describing, naming and normalizing them. It also teaches them to recognize the body’s responses to chronic stress and difficult feelings. Timbi provides suggestions and recommendations for coping in healthy, life-enhancing ways. Children learn to achieve a much-needed sense of control in their lives through movement, voice and mindful breathing exercises, and by seeking help from important, stable adults in their lives. 

For a free Timbi Kit, stop by our coalition office!


Visit the links below to get more information on just a few of the ways your DEC Coordinator can provide assistance, resources, and education to your community partners as we work together to support and guide our community toward safe and healthy children and families in our schools and at home. 

We host Camp Thrive, a program that aims to educate and empower youth all while having fun!
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Contact your DEC Coordinator Kennedy Day for more information  on trainings and programs we  provide in your community!

  • YOU play an important role for the children in our community. How can you help? 

  • ANY PERSON who has knowledge of or suspects abuse or neglect of a child MUST report it.  (The law makes no distinction between professionals and non-professionals).

  • In Tennessee you have a hotline available 24/7/365. The number is 1-(877)-237-0004.

  • Reports can also be made online

For more information on mandatory reporting, click here

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