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What is Camp Thrive?

Camp Thrive is a program funded through the Tennessee Alliance for Drug Endangered Children. We, as the Cheatham County Community Enhancement Coalition, offer the program to community members with the needs of Cheatham County in mind. The camp is for youth ages 9-14 and benefits youth from ALL backgrounds as it provides fun experiences, peer connection, substance use prevention, mental health education, and life skills-all at no cost. The camp is year- round and occurs on a monthly basis with various activities and themes. This program also allows for family engagement, where we encourage families to enjoy quality time together in a nurturing environment. 

For questions, more information, or to sign up, please contact the director of Camp Thrive, Kennedy Day. 


We look forward to meeting all future campers!

Family Resource Spotlight

Meaningful Meals Campaign

The Meaningful Meals Campaign is sponsored by Parent Up, a resource for parents, caregivers, and families. This campaign is dedicated to providing tools and ideas for using mealtime to reconnect, learn about each other, and strengthen relationships amongst many other scientifically proven benefits from spending mealtimes together. Here at the coalition, we provide meal kits to provide tools, tips, and resources to help families use the many unique ways available to connect with each other. Visit Parent up or Family Dinner Project to find recipes, activity ideas, and more information on family mealtimes.






Here are some benefits of using mealtimes as a family:

-Youth have stronger self-esteem.

-Families become more connected.

-Youth can have improved mental health.


Using mealtimes does not mean it has to be just dinner or that everyone has to be sitting at one table. Family time together during mealtimes can be talking while prepping lunches for the next day, cooking together, having a quick snack together or even having family cooking competitions. Check out our Camp Thrive Edition of "Chopped" to see how your family can do the same at home!

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A decorated meal kit

Tip: Use our meal kit boxes as an "unplugged" box. Place devices in it during family time and even decorate it as a family activity!

Camp Thrive Edition "Chopped"

Camp Thrive hosted a "Chopped" theme event where families had to compete in true "Chopped" fashion. Participating contestants had to use mystery basket ingredients while racing against the clock! Their creations were tasted and rated by our judges to see who the last group of chefs would be standing. Families in attendance had a blast! Families were having fun, having conversation, listening to each other's ideas, and sharing creativity.  Please check out our "Chopped" Episode to see how much fun was had and see how you can have your own "Chopped" competition at home!

Camp Thrive Gallery
See our past camps and announcements for future sessions.

Ready to thrive?

Register your youth aged 9-14 here:

Camp Thrive- Youth Application - Google Forms

We look forward to meeting you!

Get in touch so we can thrive together.

Maybe you are not ready to register just yet, however, feel free to reach out for questions, concerns, or more information.

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